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Gainesville Diagnostic Imaging provides a full range of diagnostic radiological services. Utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology, we provide a clean and comfortable experience for patients, and accurate and reliable test results for doctors.

Our services include:


Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique that utilizes a combination of radio waves, a magnetic field, and advanced computer technology to create detailed images of soft tissues, bones, muscles, organs, and nerves within the body. Our MRI systems are among the most powerful and technically advanced diagnostic imaging tools. These systems are radiation-free, and they can often be used effectively as an alternative to X-Rays or exploratory surgery. To offer improved patient comfort, we offer Open MRI at most locations for individuals with claustrophobia.


X-Rays are the oldest form of electromagnetic radiation, and they have been used by medical professionals for many decades. X-Rays are commonly used as the initial diagnostic tool because they can be done quickly and inexpensively. Oftentimes, an X-Ray is all that is needed to diagnose various common conditions. There are times, however, when the findings of an X-Ray are inconclusive, and more advanced diagnostic tools (such as an MRI) are needed.